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MINITRIX 13804 Beer Car

The Brewery Tucher Bräu, who's history began in Nürnberg (Bavaria, Germany) in 1672, has been owned by Bavaria’s Royal family for part of its history. The family of the Barons of Tucher (Freiherrlich von Tucher’schen Familie) bought the brewing rights for a wheat beer brewery in 1855 and became a brewing dynasty.
Even though The Brewery Tucher Bräu had several owners since then, the beer name remained the same: Tucher. The owners introduced steam technology into their factory and started exporting their beer beyond the Bavarian Border. Today, Tucher beers are exported to countries throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.
For more information on the brewery and its history, check their official websites:
http://www.tucher.de or http://www.tucher-usa.com

Freiherrlich von Tuchersche Beer Car Nürnberg
Used on the Royal Bavarian State Railways.
Built in 1891, provincial railroad car type.
Gray spoked wheels
Close coupler mechanism.
Road number: 85425 Nürnberg
Overall length: 58 mm

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